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The State of Montana maintains the Correctional Offender Network (CON). This is an Internet database which contains basic criminal records of felony offenders supervised by the Department of Corrections.

In order to use this free online Montana inmate search system:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the Department of Corrections I.D. Number, or;
  3. Enter the offender’s first and last name
  4. Hit “Submit”

If you are not sure of the spelling, try entering the first few letters of the last name, or the first name and initial of the last name, or the initials of the first and last name.

You can also narrow your search by gender, race or offender type (inmate, probation, parole, and so forth). You may also search by the offender’s date of birth.

You can use this site for free to find an offender’s number and correct name spelling for registration purposes, and to check on the offender’s custody status and location.

If you have any problems using the site, simply call one of our bail bondsmen and give them the information of the inmate you’re trying to find.

Information about an offender’s custody status and location is available in real time through the VINE service. Call (800) 456-3076