About The Montana Jail Roster

I’m a retired bail bondsman who’s traveled the state of Montana for over 30 years. I’ve been to every county jail, state prison and local police station throughout Montana. I’ve collected enough information on these detention centers to help people in their time of need. This includes:

  • How to find inmates in any county jail, local jail or state prison
  • How to get the lowest bail bond rates, and even get financing.
  • The address, map, and phone for every jail to help get your loved one out faster. Knowing who to call or contact via email is important when getting someone out of jail.
  • Only the best criminal attorneys in Montana. Every county has a specialist ready to help your family begin the legal battle. These criminal attorneys know the county courts well and are able to maneuver through the red tape and legal jargon to really dig into the court case against you (or a friend or loved one).

What You Need to Know About Jail Rosters

One of the more important things to know about jail rosters is that they are typically updated daily. This inmate roster is usually updated very early in the morning. Some jail rosters, like the Missoula Jail Roster, is updated in real-time. So as soon as someone is booked into the jail, their information is available to the public.

About The Time Needed for the Jail Roster in Montana

What you need to consider when it’s about the time to contact the jail (detention center, prison, etc). You need to be sure you have the correct inmate information. If you contact the jailer, and give them incorrect details about the inmate you’re looking for, you probably won’t get the response you were searching for. Always have the info necessary to get more details about the defendant. If you have questions or can’t get through to the jail, contact a Montana bail bondsman near you. A bail bondsman will know more about how to get the right information as they’ve been working with the jails for any number of years.